We offer classes and services for the entire family.

COVID-19 Update

We are still providing services to families. We have strict protocols in place to keep your families and your babies safe.

Choose a class, a service, or a combination that will serve your needs. Contact us so we can build a program that will work for you.

Services are also a great gift for someone special. Purchase for a family or friend.

Getting Ready

Baby Registry and Nursery Set Up

This stress-free service is designed to assist with selecting the right gear and essential items for your bundle of joy as well as personalizing your space to create a soothing environment for you and your baby.

Education for Expecting Mothers

Childbirth Education and Labor Prep

A comprehensive class giving you the needed information to prepare you for childbirth covering everything from pregnancy, signs of labor, birth options, pain management and the stages of labor and delivery.

Got Milk

Lactation Support

A class to help new moms or veteran moms who need a refresher in breastfeeding basics including milk production, latching on and breastfeeding positions.

We can also support you with a one-on-one home consultation with a certified lactation consultant for breastfeeding question and/or issues.

Postpartum Classes

Mom and Baby 101

Part 1 of the class will discuss the often-overlooked postpartum period. In this class you will cover what to expect, self-care and your new norm as a new mom.

Part 2 of this class will go over basic baby care instruction including swaddling, bathing and feeding.

Mother's Helper

Help Around the House

A mother’s helper is a great choice of service that can provide some help with light household chores, running errands and simple tasks to give you the gift of time to bond with your new addition.

Bon Appetit

Food for Recovery and Nutrition

This service is perfect for moms post-delivery. You can order fresh, local and organic pre-made meals made with ingredients to restore the important nutrients lost during labor and create and maintain milk supply. The emphasis is on ingredients the body needs to recover from the tolls of pregnancy and childbirth paired with the nutritional demands of breastfeeding.

Nuts and Bolts

Educating Fathers

A class tailored for Dads. An all-encompassing class to prepare you for delivery and bringing home baby, what to expect, tips on supporting your partner and newborn basics.

Refresher for Grandparents

Supporting Grandparents

A class specifically created for grandparents. A refresher class on what’s the latest, newer baby products and guidelines for infant safety and care.

Humpty Dumpty

Safety First

Entrust us by letting us babyproof your home. Leave it to us to go through the checklists to ensure all areas of your home are safe for your baby.

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